Welcome to the website of the Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council. Established September 2004, our council (previously called the Chancellor's Task Force on Diversity) is represented by a diverse group of UMSL faculty, staff, students and alumni.

A premier public urban land grant university, UMSL is considered one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse campuses in the state. With a strong unity of purpose, we are committed to creating an engaging and harmonious climate where talents of diverse faculty, staff and students flourish.

Diversity in a democracy enriches education and the collective experience of all students, benefiting the school and the society. We are preparing graduates for a dynamic and adaptable workforce where cooperation and competition are increasingly waged from the local to the global level.

Hence, it is essential that in providing high quality educational opportunities, we commit ourselves to fostering and embracing a campus and regional culture of inclusion, characterized by the recognition and appreciation of the contributions of all people.