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CCDC Statement of Expectations

 Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council

Statement of Expectations

The Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council (CCDC) exists to provide assistance and support to the chancellor and to the campus community in promoting diversity in all aspects of institutional life. The CCDC is dedicated to upholding the university’s commitment to creating an engaging and welcoming culture where the talents of diverse faculty, staff, and students flourish. In order to do this, the CCDC helps to facilitate an environment of inclusion that is nurtured through respect, tolerance and cooperation. 

The Chancellor's Cultural Diversity Council is comprised of diverse members who represent academic departments, administrative units and student organizations that reflect the campus community.

Membership Categories

  • All members shall be appointed to a two-year term by the CCDC Chair. The Chair will work with the administrative/academic representative/community partners to identify potential council members.
  • At the conclusion of any term, elected members shall be eligible for re-election to an additional one-year term.
  • Emeritus and ex-officio members shall be designated each year by the Chair and/or Chancellor.


  • Council members are expected to be well informed about current diversity trends and on campus issues, and represent the CCDC throughout the campus.
  • Council members should support and encourage diversity events, initiatives, and work.
  • Council members are required to attend an annual orientation and training meeting.
  • Council members are expected to attend at least 75% of all council meetings per academic year and participate actively on at least one committee during each academic year.  Some committee work outside of council meetings maybe required.  Council members are expected to work collaboratively with other members and focus on positive strategies to enhance campus diversity.  The chancellor or council co-chairs may call special council meetings at his or her discretion.


Members of the CCDC are asked to serve on at least one committee that reports back to the council at monthly meetings. Each committee will meet separately from the council as needed and work with a staff liaison to accomplish goals the committee sets. Committee chairs are expected to report at council meetings.

Responsibility Statement

Council members are ambassadors for the University of Missouri-St. Louis and are trusted to exercise, support, and promote diversity throughout the campus community, ethical behavior, professionalism, and good judgement as representatives of the council.

In turn, the Chancellor, co-chairs, and staff are responsible to members in a number of ways:

  1. Receive ongoing professional development/training, exposure, and information about the work of the university.

  2. Chancellor/ODEI commit to taking advice and counsel seriously and to be as transparent as possible in presenting university matters.

  3. Chair/ODEI will respond to the best of their ability in a straight forward and thorough fashion to any questions you have that you consider necessary to carry out your responsibilities to the CCDC and the university.

  4. Expect the ODEI and the CCDC members to make this a rewarding and fulfilling experience.