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The Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council (CCDC) exists to provide advice, assistance, and support to the chancellor and to the campus community in promoting diversity in all aspects of institutional life.

The CCDC is dedicated to upholding the University of Missouri-St. Louis’s commitment to creating an engaging and harmonious climate where the talents of diverse faculty, staff, and students flourish, and to facilitating an environment of inclusion that is nurtured through respect, tolerance and cooperation.

Our Collective Responsibilities

  • Cultivate an environment of civility and respect
  • Provide a learning environment that is committed to diverse perspectives
  • Recruit and retain a diverse campus community
  • Promote collective ownership of diversity initiatives across the campus 

Our "How"

  • Strengthen our campus and community partnerships/Increase visibility of the council.
  • Recommend/support initiatives for recruitment & retention efforts of a diverse student, faculty and staff community.
  • Review/Assess institutional practices/barriers that impact inclusion (i.e. Report a Barrier).
  • Focus our collective activities to support historically underrepresented/racially-minoritized groups.
  • Identify strategies to provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to be included in key and visible roles across campus (i.e. Search Committees).
  • Commit to continuous learning in order to increase our own consciousness through formal and informal training and development (Professional Development Opportunities).

Governance: Guiding Principle

Inclusive Excellence