To expand cultural awareness, students in some academic units may be required to complete a course that emphasizes Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Pacific aboriginal, Native American, or a comparable culture.

Courses that satisfy this requirement involve substantial material independent of the cultures' interactions with European cultures. If a course focuses on one facet of a culture, it must treat the topic within the context of the culture as a whole. These courses are also coded with the initials [CD] for Cultural Diversity This requirement may be met by one of the following courses:

Anthropology 1011, Introduction to Cultural Anthropologypology
Anthropology 1019, Introduction to Archaeology
Anthropology 1021, The Body in Culture
Anthropology 1025, World Cultures
Anthropology 1033, World Archaeology
Anthropology 1041, Sex and Gender Across Cultures
Anthropology 1051, Anthropologypology of Sport
Anthropology 1091, Introductory Topics in Anthropologypology
Anthropology 2110, Cultures of Asia
Anthropology 2111, Cultures of East Asia
Anthropology 2113, Cultures of South Asia
Anthropology 2114, Cultures of the Near and Middle East
Anthropology 2120, Native Peoples of North America
Anthropology 2123, Cultures of Oceania
Anthropology 2124, Cultures of Africa
Anthropology 2131, Archaeology of Missouri
Anthropology 2132, Archaeology of North America
Anthropology 2134, Archaeology of the Inca, Aztec, and Maya
Anthropology 2135, Old World Archeology
Anthropology 2136, Archaeology of East Asia
Anthropology 2137, Archaeology of Africa
Anthropology 2138, African-American Archaeology
Anthropology 2173, Archaeology and Cultures of the Biblical World
Anthropology 2191, Special Topics in Non-Western Cultures
Anthropology 3235, Women in Subsaharan Africa: A Contemporary Perspective
Anthropology 3238, Culture and Business in East Asia
Art History 1103, Pre-columbian Art of Mexico and Central America
Art History 1104, Indigenous Arts of North America
Art History 1105, Introduction to the Arts of Africa
Art History 1108, Introduction to Asian Art
Art History 1109, The Arts of China
Art History 1110, The Arts of Japan
Art History 4405, Topics in African Art
Art History 4408, Topics in Asian Art
English 1710, Native American Literature
English 2280, The Contemporary World in Literature
Chinese 2150, Chinese Literature in Translation
Japanese 2150, Classic Japanese Literature in Translation
History 1041, East Asian Civilization
History 1042, East Asian Civilization
History 1051, Latin American Civilization
History 1052, Mexican Civilization
History 1061, African Civilization To 1800
History 1062, African Civilization Since 1800
History 1063, The African Diaspora to 1800
History 1064, The African Diaspora since 1800
History 3032, History of Women in Comparative Cultures
History 3101, Modern Japan: 1850 to the present
History 3102, Modern China: 1800 to the Present
History 3103, Modern History of the Pacific Rim
History 3201, History of Latin America: To 1808
History 3202, History of Latin America since 1808
History 3301, West Africa to 1800
History 3302, West Africa Since 1800
History 3303, African Diaspora to 1800
History 3304, African Diaspora Since 1800
Honors 2310, Cultural Diversity in the Humanities
Honors 2330, Cultural Diversity in the Social Sciences
M H &L 1090, Non-Western Music I
M H &L 1100, Non-Western Music II
Media 2500, Introduction to Comparative International Media Systems
Philosophy 1120, Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 1125, Islamic Philosophy
Political Science 1500, Introduction to Comparative Politics
Political Science 1550, Women and Politics in the Developing World
Political Science 2520, Middle Eastern Politics
Political Science 2530, Political Systems of South America
Political Science 2540, Political Systems of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
Political Science 2550, East Asian Politics
Political Science 2580, African Politics
Social Work 2330, Asians in Migration
Sociology 3245, Sociology of South Africa
Theater & Dance 1850, Introduction to Non-Western Theatre