Welcome to the website of the Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council. With a strong unity of purpose, we are committed to creating an engaging and harmonious climate where talents of diverse faculty, staff and students flourish.

Mission Statement

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is devoted to fostering a campus and regional culture of inclusion where diversity of all types is embraced and recognized as the strength of the communities, state, nation, and world we live, work, and learn in.

Vision Statement

We at the University of Missouri-St. Louis envision this institution as a premier multicultural, metropolitan, land grant research university committed to creating an engaging and harmonious climate where the talents of diverse faculty, staff and students flourish. An environment of inclusion is nurtured through respect, tolerance and cooperation while remaining dedicated to academic excellence. The university's multilingual, multicultural, gender-equitable teaching and learning reflect its distinction as an institution of higher education committed to serving diverse people.

We strive to build an exemplary educational community characterized by the recognition and appreciation of the contributions of all people. We thereby stimulate learning that comprehends the reality of global interdependence and the importance of cross-cultural competence. Accordingly, institutional programs will prepare graduates for a rapidly changing global environment that calls for a dynamic and adaptable workforce where cooperation and competition are increasingly waged at the global level. Graduates will be prepared to engage in civil and constructive discourse, reasoned thought and sustained dialogue without degrading, abusing, harassing or silencing others. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is committed to maintaining a welcoming environment for all and will assume an expanded role as a valuable resource for work around social justice.

The Chancellor's Cultural Diversity Council will help guide the university in this vision.


The Task Force on Diversity was initiated in September 2004. The task force focused on structural impediments as well as campus diversity and interactions (climate) which are inextricably connected. Discussions and individual meetings with campus representatives were very useful in exploring /analyzing the issues that impact the institution as well as provided recommendations for short-term actions and long-term recommendations/initiatives that enhance diversity at UMSL.